Become Member

For admission as a regular member, at least one of the following conditions must be met:

paralegal team
  • Have at least five (5) years of continuous and proved work experience as a Paralegal in a law firm, legal practice and/or legal department of an enterprise or a public body.
  • Have at least seven (7) years of continuous and proved work experience in supporting the legal profession in a broader sense (including but not limited to experience as an assistant at a legal practice or law firm).
  • Be a law school graduate, trainee lawyer or former lawyer seriously interested in pursuing a career in the paralegal field.
  • Have graduated from a paralegal qualification program –which meets any criteria set by the Association by resolution of the Board of Directors– and having had at least four (4) months’ relevant work experience;
  • Members of the Association are divided into a) regular b) provisional and c) honorary members. The distinction between a regular, provisional or honorary member is made upon the Board’s approval of an applicant’s registration request, no later than one (1) month of submission thereof.

    Only regular members shall have voting rights, provided that they have met their financial obligations to the Association.